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Types of Elevator Accidents

The main cause of elevator malfunction is poor maintenance. Whether it is on public or private grounds, it is the property owner’s obligation to provide accurate and up-to-date elevator maintenance records. Poorly maintained elevators can lead to door malfunctions, mis-leveling, abrupt stopping, or falls. Those who are commonly injured by elevators are installers, repairers, engineers, construction supervisors, custodians, electricians, and maintenance workers.

Common types of elevator accidents include the following:

Causes of Escalator Accidents

The owner or operator of the escalator is lawfully obligated to keep it safe. However, human error is the primary cause of these types of accidents. Sometimes they are caused by mechanical issues or poor maintenance, which can cause stops that jolt riders and make them fall. Even items, such as loose articles of clothing or hair, can get caught in the escalator.

Common escalator defects include the following:

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