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Our Los Angeles trial lawyers represent victims of police misconduct in Pasadena, Glendale and all of Los Angeles County. We passionately advocate for the rights of victims of police brutality, police beatings, those who have been shot by a police officer, or otherwise hurt due to excessive police force.

There is no common definition of excessive force when used by police to handle criminal suspects or inmates. Any force beyond what is necessary to arrest a suspect or handle a prisoner while keeping the police and public safe could be construed as excessive force. At Tedford & Associates, we hold officers, their training programs, and their departmental supervisors accountable for the use of unnecessary force. We bring actions to obtain full and fair compensation for our injured clients.

Examining Police Training

Police training programs are designed to ensure that officers act appropriately. But when adrenaline rushes and anger rises, they may fail to act professionally and give in to their emotions. Some police officers are prone to violence. The National Institute of Justice published a report identifying psychological behaviors among police officers that would make them likely to employ excessive force.

Their individual traits, training and supervision can all be factors and include:

  • Personality disorders
  • Emotional baggage from previous jobs
  • Inexperience and immaturity
  • Rigid patrol style
  • Personal problems

Excessive Police Force

Whatever the reason, when police misconduct causes personal injury, we want to help. Our injury attorney can get to the bottom of the incident, cutting through the protective shield that often surrounds the police force. We relentlessly pursue the facts and evaluate the evidence, bringing in experts as needed to prove excessive force.

Proving excessive force can range in difficulty, as some cases are easier to prove than others. This is mainly due to the nature of police work and the fact that police officers do find themselves in stressful and dangerous situations. However, there is a clear outline for what kind of force is needed in certain situations and it is up to the police officer to maintain reasonable judgment for use of force while on the job.

Excessive force is typically defined as any use of force that goes beyond the minimum amount of force needed to resolve the matter in a way that is safe for all parties involved.

Types of Police Misconduct

While police brutality and excessive use of force may be the most common types of police misconduct, there are many other ways that law enforcement officials can abuse their power without directly causing injury.

Police misconduct can include any of the following:

  • False imprisonment
  • Intimidation
  • Falsifying evidence
  • Tampering with witnesses
  • Coerced false confessions
  • Police perjury
  • Corruption
  • Illegal search and seizure
  • Unwarranted surveillance

LA Has a History of Police Brutality

The 1991 beating of Rodney King is perhaps the most well-known instance of police brutality. The beating was captured on video and aired. When the police officers involved were acquitted, riots ensued. Racial discrimination and profiling continue to contribute to police misconduct.

The LAPD sees its share of excessive force lawsuits, ranging from college students suing for Taser injuries to a finance executive beaten by a police officer during an extortion attempt. While the police are supposed to "protect and serve," that isn't always the case.

While less than 1 percent of California's police officers have been reported for excessive force and brutality, their actions are still reprehensible and can be illegal. It is important to report abuses by the police force and hold officers accountable for the injuries they cause. Civil and criminal charges may apply in these cases.

According to The Cato Institute's National Police Misconduct Reporting Project's 2010 Annual Report, there were:

  • 4,861 incident reports
  • 6,613 officers involved, including police chiefs and sheriffs
  • 6,826 alleged victims
  • 247 fatalities

The report also evaluated types of misconduct:

  • Excessive force - 23.8 percent
  • Physical force, including choke holds, fist punches, strikes, throws, baton strikes, kicks and punches - 57 percent
  • Firearms - 15 percent
  • Taser - 11 percent
  • K9 - 2 percent
  • Sexual misconduct - 9.3 percent
  • Fraud/theft - 7.2 percent
  • False arrests - 6.8 percent
  • Drugs - 5 percent
  • Color of law - 4.8 percent
  • Raids/searches - 4.6 percent
  • Assault - 4.5 percent
  • Animal cruelty - 1.1 percent
  • Murder by physical force, shooting, stun gun and other means - 1 percent

Damages sustained depend on the type of misconduct perpetrated. The following is a brief list of damages:

  • Death
  • Heart attack
  • Brain injury
  • Impaired breathing
  • Physical and emotional trauma
  • Loss of reputation
  • Loss of job

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  • Rear-end Auto Accident: Neck and Toe Injury 850,000.00
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  • I-5 Tunnel Crash: Truck Accident $300,000.00
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