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We Advocate For Victims of Limb Loss and Amputation

At Tedford & Associates, we understand how serious losing a limb can be. It may lead to lifelong disability and dependency on others for support. When investigating your case, we work to determine the source of your accident and hold those parties accountable. Most limb loss accidents are due to a car collision, but may also occur while working on the job.

If you were forced to amputate a limb, you do not have to take on the burdens on your own. Our Pasadena personal injury attorneys can help familiarize you with your legal rights and what options you have for obtaining compensation.

Understanding the Insurance Claims Process

It is unfortunate that many injury victims do not realize that they have legal options to remedy their pains, and often do not realize that they have the right to obtain compensation. However, if another person caused your accident, then you most certainly have cause to investigate further into your case.

We can help you find compensation for injuries due to:

As Pasadena personal injury attorneys, we know how serious the impact of losing a limb can be. It is not only stressful for you but your family as well. You are forced to readjust to a new standard of living and take on the expense of purchasing an assistive device and undergoing rehabilitation. Rest assured that we know that this is a difficult time—let us ease some of the burdens for you.

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Tedford & Associates is a team of Pasadena persona injury lawyers who strive to obtain justice for all who are injured due to another’s negligence. We can assist you with the claims process and are prepared to fight on your behalf.

You pay no legal fees unless we win your case. Call today for a free consultation.