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Burn injuries are the result of many types of accidents—from fires due to a car crash, to chemical or thermal burns in the workplace. These injuries have many adverse effects on the victims, leaving scars that are not only physical but also emotionally damaging. Not to mention, the expense of treating burn injuries can be one of the most costly to treat. When you retain the services of our Pasadena personal injury attorneys, however, you have a chance to right the wrongs that have been done. While financial compensation cannot change what has been done, we at Tedford & Associates hope that it can offer some reprieve.

Determining the Cause of Your Accident

Burn injuries are often some of the most painful types of injuries, and sadly, millions of us sustain burn injuries each and every year across the country. They are caused when our skin comes into contact with heat, electricity, radiation, chemicals, and gasses. Burns cause damage to the nerves, tissues, bones, and much more.

Burn injuries often result from the following:

As Pasadena personal injury attorneys, we can help you find compensation for the wrongs that have been doing. The recovery obtained in your personal injury claim can help pay for the costs of your medical bills and treatment, pain and suffering, emotional distress, and lost income and future earnings.

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An injury as debilitating as burn injuries is disruptive to your life. That is why Tedford & Associates is here to help make you whole again. We are a top-rated, highly successful, and award-winning legal team. We strive to maximize the potential of your claim and fight tooth and nail to help you.

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