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When you are injured due to another's negligence, or if you are charged with a criminal offense, you need an attorney that has an attention to detail and who will aggressively defend your interests. Our attorneys have over 30 years of combined experience and will do everything they can to get you the best possible outcome in your case. Check out our past case results and move forward feeling confident that you are being taken care of. Contact us today.
  • $2,750,000.00
    Motorcycle Crash Our client was sitting on his motorcycle waiting for the red light to turn green when suddenly he was struck at a high velocity by an automobile, causing him severe lumbar and neck injuries. Despite the serious nature of the injuries, the insurance company refused to pay the modest policy limits. After fighting with the insurance company for 2 years, on the eve of trial, when they finally understood that we would be seeking an excess policy verdict, they agreed to settle for more than 27 times the policy limits.
  • $1,000,000.00
    Disability Discrimination Disabled tenant who was wheelchair bound and lived on the third floor of an apartment building was unable to leave his apartment because landlord refused to repair elevator for over three months. As a result, when he attempted to leave his apartment to obtain necessary medical treatment, he fell down the stairs and was injured. The landlord's denial of a reasonable request for accommodation violated the Fair Housing Act and other laws. We successfully obtained $1 million on behalf of our clients.
  • $995,000.00
    Construction Accident: Crane Injuries Client was working on a construction site where he was hired as a sub-contractor to build a retaining wall. While client was surveying the area where retaining wall was to be built, crane operator negligently placed crane on a slope. Crane slid down slope pinning our client between crane and an existing block wall. Our client sustained numerous rib fracture and crushed jaw. Client was in coma for thirty days; however, he ultimately recovered fully with no residual injuries. Case settled day of trial for $995,000.00.
  • $900,000.00
    Insurance Bad Faith Client was a top stock trader for twenty years. Following the stock market crash, trader suffered depression and heart condition. Our client was deemed permanently disabled and unable to return to work as trader. Insurance company refused to pay despite no exclusion for depression. Insurance Company settled out of court for $900,000.00.
  • 850,000.00
    Rear-end Auto Accident: Neck and Toe Injury

    Client was rear-ended on the freeway at a high rate of speed. The client sustained an injury to his neck and toe. He was recommended surgery for his injuries but deferred it to a later date. None of our colleagues in the personal injury industry believed we would obtain more than $500,000. However, we convinced State Farm to pay $850,000 to resolve the case.

  • $340,000.00
    Dog Bite Client was visiting his Father at his Father’s home. As client approached front door, next door neighbors Bullmastiff attacked client and bit him on the knee. The bite resulted in a bone infection. Client ultimately made a full recovery. Case settled out of Court for $340,000.00.
  • $300,000.00
    I-5 Tunnel Crash: Truck Accident Our client was driving his employer’s truck when he became involved in a multi-vehicle chain-reaction collision that occurred on the I-5, involving more than 30 commercial vehicles. Client sustained injuries to his back. In a complex and challenging case spanning many years, we were able to obtain some justice for our client.
  • $225,000.00
    Police Brutality: Use of Taser On Father’s Day, while our client was spending time with his wife and three daughters in their backyard, police officers entered their residence without a warrant, permission, or probable cause and then proceeded to TASE our client repeatedly. His wife and daughters all watched in horror as their father and husband was shot in the back with a projectile that they later learned was a TASER. Our client was then rushed to the hospital where he was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit for treatment for injuries he had sustained to his heart. Additionally, his wife and daughters each sustained psychological injuries and were each diagnosed as suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Even though the medical expenses amounted to a mere $10,000, we were able to resolve the matter for more than 25 times that amount.
  • $185,000.00
    Rear-end Auto Accident: Lumbar Injury Client was in head-on collision. Defense disputed liability and damages. Client suffered injury to her lumbar. We demanded policy limit of $100,000.00. Defense offered $45,000.00. Jury returned verdict in the amount of $185,000.00. Insurance paid verdict plus costs.
  • $184,000.00
    Dog Bite Client was visiting her boyfriend’s house when her boyfriend’s Mother invited client to visit her while she hung laundry to dry in backyard. Client walked outside into backyard and was attacked by a Rottweiler causing injury to her arm. Demanded insurance homeowners insurance policy of $100,000.00. Insurance Company offered $50,000.00. Jury returned verdict in favor of our client in amount of $184,000.00. Insurance paid verdict plus costs.
  • $50,000.00
    Rear-end Auto Collision Client was rear-ended on the freeway and sustained injuries to her back. Although two previous attorneys had tried to convince the client to settle for the policy limits ($15,000), we were able to find a secondary source of money. Once we worked up the case and prepared it for trial, the insurance carriers saw that we meant business and we were able to settle the case for more than three times the amount previously offered.
  • Agreement for Dismissal
    Spousal Abuse Charge Client arrested and charged with Spousal Abuse. Client hired James Tedford. After investigation and preparation, James Tedford was able to reach agreement with prosecution allowing client to participate in five anger management classes in exchange for a dismissal of the charges allowing client to retain employment.
  • Reached Favorable Plea Agreement
    Lewd Conduct Charge Client, a University Professor was arrested and charged with Lewd Conduct after a police sting operation in a public park restroom. James Tedford reached agreement with prosecution wherein client participated in five sessions of psychological counseling in exchange for plea to trespassing charges allowing client to retain teaching credential and employment.
  • DA doesn’t File Charges
    Driving Under the Influence Client arrested and charged with Driving Under the Influence with a Blood Alcohol Concentration of .16. Client hired James Tedford. After investigation and preparation of case James Tedford defeated Department of Motor Vehicles at Administrative Per Se Hearing and client’s driving privilege was reinstated. Tedford intervened with District Attorney’s office and explained that there was insufficient probable cause for the initial stop. District Attorney’s Office did not file charges based upon evidence elicited at the DMV hearing proving that arresting officer lacked probable cause for traffic stop.
  • Case Dismissed
    Evading Arrest Charge Client charged with Felony Evading Arrest while driving motorcycle on Angeles Crest Highway. Prosecution was demanding prison time. After Jury Trial, case ended in hung jury. After four days of deliberation, the jury was deadlocked, nine jurors were voting in favor of defense and three jurors were voting in favor of prosecution. District Attorney’s Office did not re-file charges and case was dismissed.
  • Rejected by DA Office
    Alleged Assault Client contacted by police regarding investigation for Date Rape where alleged victim claimed that suspect had intercourse with her in a hotel Jacuzzi while she was unconscious. Client hired Tedford & Associates. James Tedford investigated alleged victims claims, interviewed witnesses, and secured videotape from hotel security all contradicting allegations and proving that alleged victim was coherent and initiated voluntary sexual relations. James Tedford intervened with District Attorney responsible for evaluating case for filing of felony charges. Result: Case rejected by District Attorney’s office, no criminal charges filed.
  • Case Dismissed
    Alleged Assault With Weapon Client charged with Assault with a Deadly Weapon for allegedly trying to strike woman with his car after verbal altercation regarding a traffic collision. After investigation and trial preparation case was dismissed by prosecutor due to inconsistencies in alleged victim’s story discovered by James Tedford during his investigation of the case.
  • Decision for Acquittal
    Brandishing a Firearm Client charged with Brandishing a Firearm after dispute with pizza delivery man. After three day jury trial the jury returned a decision for acquittal in two hours.

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