Can You Be Arrested for DUI on a Bicycle or Other Vehicle?

Driving under the influence is one of the most hazardous things a person can do in a car. However, this dangerous crime is not limited to drivers behind the wheel of a car. It is possible to be arrested for DUI in another vehicle, including a bicycle.

If a person is riding a bicycle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, they could be charged with DUI or DWI. An inebriated person on a bicycle could be a danger to others, but especially to themselves. On any vehicle, your reaction times will be slowed and your vision will be impaired, which could lead to accidents. It may be more difficult for law enforcement to identify people who are biking under the influence, compared to driving, since there may not be the obvious indicators of swerving, speeding, or ignoring traffic signals. If identified, however, a drunk bicyclist could be charged with a crime.

This applies to drivers of other vehicles as well, including motorcycles, boats and other watercraft, ATVs, and more.

More Severe Penalties Could Result for DUI in a Large Vehicle

Of course, drivers in large vehicles such as semi-trucks can be charged with DUI as well. These drivers may face more severe penalties than drivers of passenger vehicles, because they often cause more severe damage. Drivers of large commercial vehicle may also face additional penalties due to driving drunk while performing a job — a DUI could cause a truck driver to be fired, lose their license, and possibly be prevented from working as a truck driver again.

Is Walking While Intoxicated a Crime?

Walking around while under the influence of alcohol or drugs is not necessarily a crime in and of itself, but a person could be charged with a crime while doing this. If the person is endangering themselves or others, or otherwise causing a disruption, they could be arrested.

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