When a car seat fails to protect a child in an accident, who is to blame?

When a Car Seat Fails to Protect Your Child, Who Is at Fault?

For many parents, one of the first purchases they make in preparation for having a baby is a car seat. Car seats are designed to protect infants and young children from any injuries in a car accident, and it’s the law for children under a certain age to travel in one. Sometimes, however, car seats fail to serve their purpose in a car accident. Who is to be held responsible for your child’s injuries? The answer is that it depends on the situation.

Child Car Seat Safety Laws

All 50 U.S. states have their own laws that require infants and children to sit in car seats while traveling by car.

These laws take the following into consideration when determining the proper equipment and placement in cars:

  • The child’s age
  • The child’s height
  • The child’s weight

The following recommendations have been made by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration:

  • Forward-facing car seat: These car seats should be used for toddlers and young children up to age five until they reach the requirements set forth by the manufacturer.
  • Rear-facing car seat: Infant and toddlers should be placed in these car seats until they meet the stated weight and height limits.
  • Booster seat: These seats are made for school-aged children who have outgrown their forward-facing car seats, and should use them until they reach the stated weight and height limits.
  • Seatbelt: Children who outgrow their booster seats are required to use a seatbelt.

Types of Car Seat Injury Situations

There are two general situations in which a child’s car seat can fail to protect a child passenger, causing injuries in a car accident.

Injuries Caused by Product Defects

In some cases, your child’s car seat may be improperly designed or manufactured, which can help you file a product liability claim. Car seats may fail to work as a design defect, manufacturing defect, or they may have failed to provide sufficient warning or instructions. The party liable for your child’s injuries depends on which of these factors contributed to the faulty car seat. This is often complicated to determine, and requires that you hire a personal injury lawyer who can investigate the matter and build a case that can achieve the compensation you’re owed.

Injuries Cause by Human Error

While your car seat may be perfectly designed and manufactured, it’s all too common for parents or others to improperly install or use the car seats. When an individual fails to restrain a child correctly in a safety seat, they may be the ones liable for negligence if it’s proved that their carelessness contributed to the child’s injuries.

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