Third-Party Liability for Bicycle Accidents

In many cases, bicycle accidents are caused by the negligence of a driver. A person may open their car door into a cyclist, change lanes without watching for bikers, or make a too-wide turn, colliding with nearby bike riders. Although incidents such as these are frequently to blame for injuries to people on bicycles, there are cases in which a third party is partially or fully responsible for a cyclist’s injuries.

If you were recently injured in a bicycle accident, it’s possible that a third party could be partially liable for your injuries. In fact, it is possible that a negligent party may be responsible for your injuries even if no other drivers were involved. Bicycle accidents can be caused by external factors that are separate from driver negligence.

Vehicle Manufacturer Liability

Bicycle accidents can result if a bike or car has mechanical issues or is defective. A defect can cause drivers to lose control of their vehicles and potentially collide with another vehicle or pedestrian.

In these cases, the company that manufactured either the bicycle or car could be held liable for resulting accident damages. If a separate entity designed the vehicle or defective part, they may also face liability. Additional parties that may be liable for vehicle defects may include retailers or safety inspectors.

Issues can occur even if a vehicle is not defective. If issues are caused by the negligence of someone who repaired the car, a mechanic could be liable for bicycle accident damages. A company that manufactures tools that are used to repair a bike (for example, a tire pump) could be liable for accident damages if a cyclist repaired their bike themselves but used faulty tools to do so.

Property Owner Liability

Some bicycle accidents are caused by unsafe conditions on roads, sidewalks, and bike paths. In these cases, the people who own the area or are responsible for managing it may be held liable for damages. This may include government entities, construction companies, landscape businesses, and city planners. It is possible that a business or private property owner could be liable in your case.

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