How to Prove Liability in a Single Vehicle Accident Case

In a typical car accident case, the legal processes involve negotiating with the other driver and their insurance company to recover compensation. A person who is injured in a vehicle collision must prove the liability of the other driver to receive benefits through that other driver’s insurance provider.

What if you were involved in a car accident, but there is no other driver? For example, what if you drive into a guardrail, rather than a vehicle? Can you still recover compensation, or will you be left with the responsibility of paying for your injury-related expenses yourself?

Despite the lack of another driver who was injured in the collision, that doesn’t mean another party isn’t at fault for your injuries. Depending on the circumstances of your case, there are various entities who may be liable for your accident.

A single vehicle accident could have been caused by another driver, even if they were not technically “involved” in the collision. A driver who swerves into your lane, stops abruptly, or does anything that causes you to react and drive into something could be at fault. You may be able to recover security footage that exhibits the fault of the other driver, or rely on witness accounts of the incident. If there is no physical evidence of the other driver’s actions, it is possible that the accident would qualify as a hit and run. If so, your insurance policy may cover the damages.

Single vehicle collisions can also be caused by hazardous road conditions. In these cases, city officials who have failed to address an icy highway, pothole-covered street, confusing signage, or other forms of insufficient road management may be responsible for your injuries. These types of claims are especially viable if the city was aware of the issue, yet negligently failed to resolve it.

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