How do Pre-Existing Conditions Affect Car Accident Claims?

If you have a pre-existing condition, you may be wondering how that condition can affect a car accident claim. A significant portion of the claims process involves evaluating the severity of a victim’s injuries, and identifying damages based on that information. With a pre-existing condition, it can be more difficult to measure the true impact of a car accident.

It is possible that the effect of a collision can aggravate a pre-existing condition, such as chronic pain, a brain injury, hernias, or bone fractures. A car accident can cause the ailments you are already living with to become more painful, lengthen your recovery time, or reactivate past injuries that have healed.

Claims that involve pre-existing conditions can be complex because the other driver’s insurance provider may attempt to downplay your injuries if you have a previous injury or ailment. For example, if you had medical screws installed to address a broken bone, they may claim that your bone was weak and already on the verge of re-injury. An opposing insurance company may try to say that the car accident was not the cause of the aggravation, and therefore does not qualify you for benefits.

However, with a pre-existing condition, you may have medical records that can disprove such claims. Your doctor should have kept documentation of your treatment for the original injury, and can use those records to show how you have healed. With the addition of the new injury, a medical professional can exhibit the change in your condition, and attribute the change to your collision.

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