Spring Driving Can Be Dangerous

Now that spring is here, we are relieved winter driving is over. While many people believe the roads will be safe again, that is not the case. There are several dangers associated with spring driving. Once you are aware of the driving conditions the season brings, you can avoid being involved in a car accident.

The following are the most common driving dangers of spring:

  • Rain – Spring showers make the roads quite slippery, especially when it first starts to rain. The rainwater mixes with oil and grease on the road, which can make it difficult to maneuver and leave vehicles vulnerable to hydroplaning. Whenever it rains, drive slower than usual and increase your following distance to give yourself plenty of time to hit the brakes in case you need to stop.
  • Potholes – The inclement weather of winter can soften assault and gravel, leading to cracks on the road which expand and open to form potholes. Driving over potholes can potentially damage your tires, suspension, and other vehicle components. Avoid driving over potholes if possible. If you can’t due to traffic conditions, slow down to minimize the potential damage.
  • Motorcycles, bicycles, and pedestrians – Since spring is associated with warmer weather and longer days, more people are outside walking, bicycling, or riding their motorcycles. Due to an increase in road and foot traffic, especially in busy areas, drivers must be even more mindful of their surroundings.
  • Animals – After waking up from their winter slumber or the arrival of mating season, animals become more active in the spring. This could mean more animals will be on the roads and roaming through neighborhoods. If you encounter a furry critter on the road, either slowly avoid it or wait until it safely crosses the street.
  • Sun glare – When the sunrays at dawn and/or dusk hit your eyes, seeing where you’re going can be extremely challenging. By combining the use of sunglasses and sun visors, you can minimize the adverse effects of sun glare.

All of these factors can create unfavorable driving conditions. Follow the suggestions mentioned above to prepare yourself for any dangers you encounter.

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