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How an Expert Witness Can Help Your Personal Injury Claim

In order to build an effective legal strategy for your personal injury lawsuit, having the right expert witnesses can strengthen the likelihood of success. These professionals have the power to sway the judge and jury in your favor and help you obtain your entitled compensation.

An expert witness is an individual who received specialized training, education, or experience about a specific field. They are often used in personal injury lawsuits to support the claim, especially if no eyewitnesses were present at the scene of the accident.

Expert witnesses will detail how an accident and the subsequent injuries occurred. They demonstrate their points by using physical and computer models.

The following are the most common types of expert witnesses in personal injury cases:

  • Accident reconstructionist – To determine liability in a scientific manner, a certified accident reconstructionist can help show the court how an accident transpired and who was at a fault. In the event of a car collision, an expert can calculate the speed each vehicle was traveling, the momentum and stopping distance, and other variables.
  • Commercial truck accident experts – For truck accident claims, these experts understand how this type of collision is different from car accidents. They can help plaintiffs navigate the complexities of the state and federal trucking regulations.
  • Healthcare providers –Doctors, surgeons, therapists, and other healthcare providers are used to show the court the full extent of a plaintiff’s injuries, especially if the accident results in long-term or personal injury.
  • Vocational experts – In many personal injury cases, a plaintiff misses time from work to heal from their injuries, which makes them eligible for wage loss damages. Economists and vocational experts can help determine lost income, loss of earning capacity, and inability to have the same job.

When it comes to hiring an expert witness, ensure they have experience in personal injury cases and testifying in court. Professionals who possess knowledge of the legal process also understand how to communicate to juries and prepare for cross-examinations.

If you have suffered an injury caused by a negligent party in Pasadena, contact our experienced legal team at Tedford & Associates and request a free consultation today.


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