Staying Safe on Labor Day

The Labor Day weekend is almost here, marking the unofficial end of the summer season. Many often take this as their last opportunity to gather with friends and family by the pool or to host a barbeque. Whatever your plans might be, make sure you exercise certain safety precautions to avoid a terrible accident.

Helpful Tips to Prevent Injuries During the Labor Day Weekend

Regardless if you are planning a road trip or are simply looking forward to lounging by the pool, there are some safety tips you can follow to ensure your holiday is injury-free.

Below are some tips for you to stay safe this holiday:

  • Avoid accidents on the road: The Labor Day weekend is often a dangerous time to be on the road since the number of drunk drivers is substantially higher than usual, according to the National Safety Council (NSC). If you can, try to avoid driving at night. If you are planning a road trip, get plenty of rest the night before, so you can remain alert on the road.
  • Drink responsibly: If you drink alcohol, make sure you do so responsibly. To avoid drunk driving, order an Uber or Lyft, designate a sober driver, or use a taxi service if you plan on drinking. Even if you do not plan on driving, you should still be responsible when it comes to drinking to avoid alcohol poisoning. For every alcoholic drink you consume, drink a full glass of water. Eating enough food throughout the day will also help minimize the effects of your alcohol consumption.
  • Protect your skin and stay hydrated: The summer season might be winding down, but the weather is still hot, so remember to drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration. You should also apply sunscreen to avoid sunburns and reapply whenever necessary. Sunscreen is particularly important for senior adults and children since their skin is more sensitive and prone to sunburns.
  • Grill safely: Barbeques are almost synonymous with summer, so if you plan on taking out your grill one last time before the fall hits, do so safely. Always grill outdoors and away from any structures, check for propane leaks, ensure your grill is stable, and keep a fire extinguisher nearby in case of a fire. You can also keep a bucket of sand near the grill if you do not have a fire extinguisher. Under no circumstances should you ever use water to put out a grease fire.

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