Social Media Can Negatively Affect Your Personal Injury Claim

In today’s society, social media has become an important part of our lives. From sharing your day-to-day activities with friends and family to staying updated with current events, social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram has made the world much more connected than ever before.

However, social media can also have a negative impact, especially if you are going through a personal injury case. While it may seem second nature to discuss your ongoing claim online, it is important to stay away until your case is resolved.

The truth is insurance companies will use your social media activity as evidence against you. For example, imagine filing a claim for a broken leg that also caused pain and suffering, but then you share pictures depicting how happy you are while on a vacation. The insurance company can deny your claim, stating that your injury has not resulted in emotional distress or dismissing the seriousness of your injury.

Perhaps you may adjust your privacy settings to prevent anyone—especially insurers—from accessing your social media accounts. Yet, insurance companies can still search your profile through profiles of mutual friends who have tagged you in posts and photos.

In order to protect yourself from the potential damage caused by social media, follow these steps:

  • Avoid social media – As we mentioned before, do not engage in social media while your personal injury case is pending. It is imperative not to delete your accounts because this type of action could be seen as the destruction of evidence, which can only result in more legal trouble.
  • Tell your contacts – If you have friends or relatives you can’t help but to record and post every moment you spend together, inform them about the ongoing case and politely request that they avoid tagging you in posts until the case is over.
  • Only discuss your case with our lawyer – The only person you should reveal details about your case is your attorney.

For more information, contact our Pasadena personal injury attorney at Tedford & Associates today.


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