Helpful Ways to Keep Your Kids Safe This Halloween

Children of all ages consider Halloween one of their favorite holidays. Not only do they dress up as their favorite characters and monsters, but it is the only opportunity of the year to gather enormous amounts of candy while trick-or-treating throughout the neighborhood.

If your kids plan on going out this Halloween, it is important to ensure they remain safe from harm’s way. From distracted drivers to tainted candy, there are several dangers associated with the holiday that your children must know about to stay injury-free.

The following are helpful ways for parents to keep their kids safe this Halloween:

  • Trick-or-treat with them – Predators and other criminals may take advantage of vulnerable children, which is why you should accompany your child at night. If your kids are mature enough to be without adult supervision, ensure that they trick-or-treat with a large group.
  • Create a route – Map out a route for trick-or-treating well ahead of time to determine which homes are safe to visit and which ones to avoid. Additionally, you may also start trick-or-treating before the sunsets so your child can come home earlier, spending less time in the dark.
  • Make your child is visible – Since drivers can be distracted by children’s costumes and decorated homes, your child needs to be easily seen. Use bright colors or reflective tape when making your kid’s costume. They can also hold a flashlight to help them see where they’re going and cars on the road.
  • Ensure your kid obeys the traffic laws – They need to know to look left, right, and left again before crossing the street. Teach your child to make eye contact with motorists before crossing in front of them. Always walk on the sidewalks rather than the street. Keep an eye out for cars backing up from driveways or turning.
  • Check their candy – Always inspect our kid’s candy to determine if any sweets have been tampered with. Only allow them to consume tightly sealed candy.
  • Watch out for dogs – Dogs not only scare trick-or-treaters but also can attack and bite children. Make sure your child avoids any pet they see in the front yard of a house. If you have dogs, make sure they remain inside the home.

At Tedford & Associates, our experienced legal team would like to wish you and your family a happy and safe Halloween! If you or your child suffers an injury caused by negligence, contact us and schedule a free consultation today.


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