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Why Taking Pictures After a Car Accident is Important

Why Taking Pictures After a Car Accident is Important

Being involved in a car accident is emotionally overwhelming, which can make it difficult to think clearly and rationally at the scene of the crash, or even in the following days and weeks. However, securing evidence enables you to recover the compensation you deserve.

To preserve such evidence, you must take photos of the accident scene, your injuries, and any property damages immediately after the collision. Preserving evidence is important in a car accident case since it can support your legal claims and provide proof of liability and damages. Additionally, these pictures will help the claims adjuster or the court accurately figure out the amount of damages. The better the quality of accident scene photos, the better settlement offer you will receive.

The following are several tips for taking effective car accident pictures:

  • Take as many pictures as possible – While it may seem a little on the excessive side, having a ton of photos to work with can help you uncover things you may miss while you’re at the accident scene. So take pictures of the vehicles involved (exterior and interior), the injuries, the people at the scene, and the scene itself, including the weather conditions and skid marks.
  • Capture multiple angles – Although taking a lot of photos of many different things is effective, try to take multiple photos of the same thing from various angles.
  • Record the recovery process from your injury – Photos of the injury can provide proof of the extent of harm that was suffered. Not only is it important to take pictures of the initial injury at the scene of the accident, but you should continue to take pictures during the recovery process. The photos can be used to illustrate the issues that your injury poses over time, how the injury is serious enough to be away from work, and how the injury requires ongoing medical care.

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