4 Ways You Can Promote Safety on the Road

It’s no secret driving is incredibly dangerous. In 2015, more than 3,000 people were killed in car accidents in the state of California alone. Many of these accidents are easily prevented with more care and awareness of other drivers on the road. As it’s National Safety Month, we’ve listed 4 ways to help improve the safety on the road starting with you.


If you’re an employer, you have the opportunity to offer guidance to your employees. This guidance is especially important if part of your employee’s job involves driving. Some companies provide leadership and employee management, risk management, and safety management systems and measurements to keep employees safe. Have a representative come in to talk to your employees about safe driving or give them an incentive to take the class themselves.

Defensive Driving Classes

Employers can offer defensive driving classes to employees, or you could take one yourself. The first defensive driving course was offered in 1964 and the organization that began it, the National Safety Council (NSC), has been helping people ever since. Around 80% of crashes involve off-the-clock driving. Employees stand to lose a significant amount of money if an employee has a car accident and must take time off to recover.

Stop Using Hands-Free Devices

Many drivers think just because the law doesn’t ban hands-free devices they are safer to use. However, this has proven to be an incorrect assumption. Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of car accidents in the United States. However, hands-free devices can be just as distracting as a hand-held device. Contrary to popular belief, people aren’t meant to multitask. Our brain is just fast enough to switch power and attention from one task to another. The activity in the area of the brain that processes moving images, what you need when you’re driving, decreases by up to 1/3 when listening to or talking on the phone.

Teen Driver Education

Teens can be some of the most dangerous drivers on the road. Car crashes are the single leading cause of death for teens learning to drive. Mostly, this danger is due to inexperience. Enrolling a teen or in a Graduated Driver Licensing system has been proven to reduce crashes involving this demographic by as much as 40%. Many of these accidents can be prevented by educating teens about distracting passengers, driving at night, and using a cell phone while driving.

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