5 Tips for Preventing Workplace Injuries

Preventing workplace injuries is now more important than ever. As the statistics continue to rise, more and more people are suffering from injuries caused by entirely preventable accidents at their workplace. These accidents can occur anywhere, but the risk greatly increases if you work in a factory, warehouse, or manufacturing plant, as you are more likely to work with hazardous materials such as combustible dust or other flammables. At Tedford & Associates, we believe all workers should be protected at all costs, and this can only be achieved through being proactive in injury prevention.

The following are 5 crucial tips for preventing workplace injuries:

  • Prevent slips and falls – Countless injuries occur due to slips and falls in the workplace. All workspaces must be kept clean and free of possible trips or falls, which is why it is essential employers install safe flooring which can withstand various conditions. Cleaning up all spills and leaks and regularly replacing any damaged flooring can prevent slips and falls as well.
  • Eliminate fire hazards – Employees must keep combustible materials in a safe area and away from ignition sources. Clothes should never be contaminated with flammable liquids, and exits should always be free of obstruction.
  • Wear personal protective equipment – If employees do not wear PPE when cleaning or otherwise, they may suffer from cuts, burns, or other injuries. Employees must always wear closed-toe shoes, wear safety glasses, and have their tools be regularly inspected, cleaned, and fixed.
  • Prevent falling objects – Keeping large boxes and items from falling is extremely important in preventing head injuries. Placing heavy objects on lower shelves, not stacking objects, and making sure equipment is not on the edge of any desks or tables is incredibly important.
  • Report hazards – If you see a problem, notify your employer immediately. Prevention is the best protection.

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