Women File Lawsuit Against Birth Control Drug Maker for Pregnancies

In September of 2011, Qualitest issued a recall of the following birth control products including, Cyclafem, Emoquette, Gildess FE, Orsylthia, and Previfem. The company claimed the pills could be incorrectly packaged because of a packing error. They further explained the improperly packaged birth control pills could leave some women at a high risk of getting pregnant unintentionally. More than 500,000 packs were recalled.

Birth control packages include 21 days of hormonal pills and seven days of placebo pills at the end or bottom of the package. The bills with the packing error placed the placebo pills at the beginning of the cycle. As a result, many of the women took placebo pills when they should have taken the pills with the active hormones.

Last year, over 100 women filed lawsuits claiming the mistake had caused them to become pregnant. Of the women who filed a lawsuit, 94 became pregnant and carried the child to term, while another 17 became pregnant but did not carry to term. The women are seeking damages including the cost of delivering, raising and educating the children.

In an interview with the lead attorney regarding the case, he tells a Philadelphia magazine that one client had to give her child up for adoption because she was about to deploy. Some of his other clients had to drop out of law school or nursing school to take care of their children. Of the 94 women who became pregnant, two were 17-year-olds.

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