James Tedford has practiced both state and federal criminal defense both nationally and locally to Pasadena for over 20 years.

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James R. Tedford practices criminal law handling matters in federal and state court, including writs and appeals.

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In order to ensure potential clients that we understand their case and our expertise is suited to their situation; we offer free consultations and provide clients with a case strategy and price quote. Contact us today!

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Pasadena Criminal Defense Attorney

Helping People Fight Their Criminal Charges

Attorney James R. Tedford II (Ted) has practiced law both nationally and locally to Pasadena for over 20 years.

As an experienced trial attorney James Tedford has seen every kind of criminal case. He has helped hundreds of clients navigate their way through the complicated legal process and achieve the best possible results. If you have been charged of a crime, it’s your future on the line.

Attorney James R. Tedford understands the intricacies of the law and knows how to best help you. Every detail of your case can affect the outcome, now is the time to have the best attorney working for you. Contact Tedford & Associates for more information or a free consultation.

Our Philosophy

Tedford & Associates provides clients with a flexible approach adapted to the particular needs of each case. After a thorough review of your case, we will develop a strategy to deal with the unique issues presented in your case.

We understand the importance of each individual case and our priority is to ensure each and every client with the best possible representation. We work closely with our clients in order to understand all aspects and details of their particular case. In this manner we are able to apply our expertise and knowledge of the law in order to guarantee clients with the most favorable outcome.

The outcome of any criminal case depends upon the facts surrounding the crime charged, the strength of the evidence, the legal validity of law enforcement and courtroom procedure, and the goals and strategy of the government and defense. As a skilled Pasadena Criminal Attorney, Attorney James Tedford will navigate you through this complicated legal process.

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